Our Church History

It was on November 13, 1919 that a company of Sabbath-keeping believers met together at 1030 Linden Street in Camden. These eight believers, Margaret and William Braxton, Bro. Butcher, Ethel Coleman, Sister Morton, Dora Watson and Ella and James Williams, worshiped, prayed, and studied together, deepening their love for God and His word. As they witnessed to their neighbors, friends, and family, the number of believers increased. The company was organized as a church and was called the "Camden Number Two Church", because there was another group of believers worshiping in Camden who were known as the Camden First Seventh-day Adventist Church. After prayerful and careful Bible Study, others such as The Clarks, Walkers, Smiths, Bagwells and Davises were baptized into the Mt. Olivet Seventh-day Adventist Church from the Baptist, Methodist and Episcopalian faiths.

As the church grew it recognized the need for a more adequate location to worship. From 1030 Linden Street, the congregation moved to 620 Chestnut Street, then to 555 Chestnut Street, then to 1916-18 South Seventh Street in 1944.

Almost 40 years later the congregation, now well over 300 members, under the pastoral guidance of Dr. Ronald A. Smith, Sr., in faith, constructed a new church edifice to the glory of God at the corner of Eighth Street and Chelton Avenue. They proudly marched in on Christmas Eve morning, December 24, 1983. Tragedy struck in March of 1984 when Dr. Smith was killed in a car accident. God showed us that He was still in control and sent us two pastors who would lead us after the loss of Dr. Smith. In succession, Pastors Thaddious M. Privette and Augustus F. O'Giste. While under their leadership the mortgage was burned in record time.

Many great pastors have pastored at Mt. Olivet including Elder Charles D. Brooks, of the Breath of Life telecast fame and the current former Allegheny East Conference President Elder Charles L. Cheatham. The longest tendered pastor was Pastor Frank E. Legette III who pastored for over 12 years from Feb 2, 1997 until October 10, 2009. Today, after many years since entering the current building, we continue to serve the greater Camden vicinity. Bible studies and evangelism continually increase the number of believers. On May 1, 2010, we began a new chapter and now forge ahead under the leadership of Pastor Colby A. Matlock, Sr., with the purpose of the church as it was in the beginning, to tell every person in the Camden community that Jesus is coming again real soon.